The Sleepy Hollow Tennis Club!

The Sleepy Hollow Tennis Club [SHTC] is a neighborhood group of men and women that enjoy the sport of tennis and the camaraderie of neighbors and friends. We welcome tennis players of all abilities and we have many members who have participated in the sport for 30, 40 and 50 years. The SHTC enjoys the privilege of using the San Domenico School [SDS] tennis courts at the pleasure of SDS. Historically, SDS and Sleepy Hollow Homes Association have mutually supported the quality of life in this special neighborhood and the unique benefits of education and the open campus at SDS.

One of the SDS/SHHA relationship benefits is the SHTC use of the SDS tennis courts. The tennis facility is maintained to private school, tennis club quality in a private rural country club environment. There is no other place like it to enjoy this sport. Membership in the SHTC requires residence in Sleepy Hollow and payment of the annual SHHA membership dues and the annual $250 SHTC membership dues. Only SHTC members are provided the court security gate combination, which is changed every year. The SHTC has 70 individual paid members in 2008.

Site and Equipment Maintenance

The SHTC performs all the annual court maintenance and repair. The SHTC inspects the site, courts and equipment several times each year, performs repairs and replaces court equipment including nets, rollers, scoreboards, gate combination security locks and windscreens on an as needed basis. We purchase, furnish, and install the tennis equipment.

Court Resurfacing

The SHTC has managed the SDS court resurface construction over 15 years. The SHTC shares this cost with SDS and pays 50% of the court resurface construction cost.

SHTC Rules

The SHTC distributes tennis club rules and regulations to all members regarding membership and use of the SDS courts. We encourage SHTC members to respect the education and other activities at SDS. SDS has priority use of the campus and courts. We encourage SHTC members to walk, ride bicycles, and carpool to play tennis at SDS and reduce vehicle traffic./ The club has a shed on court 4 that has practice balls and a ball machine that is free for members use. The club will provide instruction on use of the ball machine if you are new to use of the machine.