Safety and access during construction

We do not have a date set for construction to begin. If it begins during this swim season, we still plan to have the locker rooms available. Construction on the community center building does not involve the Community Pool, pump house or pool equipment, life guard facilities, or snack bar.

Access to the pool during construction will include those facilities, some lawn area, and space for secure bicycle parking.

The following will be apply for construction during swim season:

  • We will enclose construction activity inside a secure, temporary, chain link fence to separate pool access and pool users completely from the construction area.
  • The pedestrian corridor to the pool area will be 5 feet wide, and approximately 20 feet away from the building work, and will be monitored by the construction crew for any construction debris. The corridor and its location have been reviewed with Sea Lions management and designed with the Sleepy Hollow summer family swim members in mind.
  • We will take all normal precautionary measures to confine construction impacts to the construction side of the fence. If we find construction activity is impacting the area beyond the isolating fence, we will adjust construction activity or modify the fence to eliminate the impact.
  • We will manage the safety of pool users during construction with the same effort that we currently exert every day, both in and around the pool.
  • If we find that construction impacts are occurring on the public side of the fence, it may be necessary to exclude pool visitors for a short time while we adjust operations to correct the problem.
  • We will plan construction activity to minimize noise impacts during the early and late part of each shift, in general consideration of neighbors.

Sleepy Hollow Pool is a community pool operated by volunteers, overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, as it has been for over 50 years. All who use the facility share the responsibility to keep it safe and to point out and act to correct unsafe conditions or activity. Everyone is responsible for safety.

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