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Project background and features

In the heart of Sleepy Hollow, at 1317 Butterfield Road, is our Community Center Clubhouse and Pool.  For more than 65 years, these treasured facilities have been the scene of countless events and gatherings that make Sleepy Hollow the friendly, fun-loving place we call home: Chili cook-offs, crab feeds, holiday parties for adults and kids, move nights, parades, cook outs, and more.

The old clubhouse is home to scouts, civic committees and boards, fire safety training and disaster preparedness staging provided by the SHFPD, and is our polling place. At times the building has hummed with exercise classes, children’s team building events and parties. It has also been rented on a space available basis for family celebrations, dinners, dances, classes, etc.

A Community Center is Part of our Charter. Now it is our turn to carry it forward.

The SHHA Articles of Incorporation provided for the construction, care, and improvement of facilities to build community and help our community play and work. Construction of the Sleepy Hollow clubhouse and pool began in 1950 and was completed in 1956, with the generous contributions and volunteer labor by the men, women, and children of Sleepy Hollow. Featured in a Sunset Magazine article of November 1956, the SHHA clubhouse became a model for other Bay Area communities. View the Sunset Magazine article.

The full spirit and cooperation of the homeowners of the 1950’s became the inspiration for the remodeling and renovations of the clubhouse in 1985. Today the clubhouse and its huge beamed hall and grand old fire place are the keeper of over 65 years of shared laughs and loves, joys and jigs, toils and tributes, and dozens of bins of well-used decorations from celebrations and competitions past.

Almost forty years since the last “reboot,” we are once again rallying to the care and improvement of this treasure. In April 2019, after over six years of working toward a complete tear down and rebuild of a new two-story building, we turned to a lower cost, one-story renovation, offering similar benefits and preserving much of the old structure. Designs reviewed June 2019 with the community are posted on this site. By February 2020, we were ready to sign a contract for a renovation with a completion goal of February 2021. This would have required additional donations of $500,000.

With the onset and economic impact of COVID19 and related slow down in permit processing, we rethought the plan in order to be able to deliver without immediate additional fundraising, a beautiful community center of increased value to current and future Sleepy Hollow families, continuing the traditions of community gatherings, and adding to the activities and events of interest to residents, just in time to celebrate 75 years for Sleepy Hollow in 2021.

With the help of our Architect and Contractor, we modified roofing plans and the new entry plan to reduce costs of the project and in particular costs of the comprehensive Phase 1. We have a reduced cost from Schalich Brothers Construction, Inc. for this Phase 1 and will also self manage some finish work for further savings to the community. Our Phase 1 budget includes $1.3M cash on hand from Round 1 and Round 2 fundraising and proceeds of a bank mortgage loan. We will borrow up to $270,000 from community private lenders, and we need to collect almost $200,000 of outstanding pledges from Round 2 donors now through January 2021.

The Community Center will be home for the Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District and its work on our behalf to reduce the risks of fire, increase our preparedness for a fire or other disasters, equip us with evacuation skills and smart behaviors, and to be a safe haven with emergency power whenever needed. Visit for a complete report on their year-round activities.

Tax deductible donations can be to the Sleepy Hollow Charitable Foundation, a 501(c )(3) public charity. Your pledge may be paid in 2020 and up to March 1, 2021.

Read more about the SHCF and how to pledge and donate. Learn more of the history and process of the efforts that have been underway and accomplished since 2011, when repair and rebuild assessments were first made.

Walk through the Community Center with us…

The new Community Center provides a drive-through off Butterfield for safer pick-ups and drop-offs.It features one floor with a gathering room divisible into the Founders Room and Legends Pavilion, and new layout along the north side for fitness, or small class or practice room, new kitchen, new half bath, plus the offices and storage space for the Fire Protection District. The highest point of the roof is the existing Legends Pavilion "pyramid," which is retained. A new main entry opens to both the Founders and Legends Rooms and is inside the security gate. Special entry is also available through the Porch Library.

Xxxx square feet of space is adaptable for many uses and more than one activity, group, or event at one time. The Founders Room, with the grand old fireplace, welcomes neighbors for informal, small get-togethers, space for cards and other games, coffee with friends, and more, and can also be combined with the Legends Pavilion for community get-togethers and events of interest to residents. Either space can be used for board meetings, civic groups or committees, lectures or classes of interest to the community; by the SHFPD for training, classes. Both areas will have ample charging stations, and the Founders Room will have special audio visual equipment.

A library/porch allows conversation, meeting with a client, quiet work away from home, games, or small group meetings. A new, accessible, half bath is entered from the Founders Room through a vestibule. The kitchen will be a “reheat kitchen” equipped with ovens and easy to use by the SHHA and community groups or potential renters. The flexible space may be an exercise/fitness space, or initially a CERT storage space, and is also designed as a sleeping shelter in a disaster. The bathrooms and locker rooms will renovated and new outdoor showers will be installed in Phase 2.