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Vegetation Control 

Vegetation Trimming Guidelines are as follows:  

Property owners are responsible for controlling vegetation throughout their property frontage from encroaching into the road right-of-way.  Vegetation shall not impede the accessibility of sidewalks nor walkways, neither obstruct traffic control devices nor diminish sight distances.

As a rule of thumb, if vegetation encroaches into the roadways, it shall be trimmed a minimum of 15’ vertically and 48” horizontally. Sidewalks shall be cleared of vegetation for a minimum of 48” horizontally and 80” vertically to comply with accessibility standards.   

Vegetation shall be immediately trimmed if it covers a traffic control device such as a stop sign, street sign, traffic signal, etc.

Vegetation shall not diminish sight distance from vehicles coming in and out of driveways, at roadway curves nor at roadway intersections.

Thank you for making Sleepy Hollow a safe place for all. If you have questions, please email


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