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The Sleepy Hollow Homes Association board, in partnership with the San Domenico school, has for the past year been working with Verizon Wireless to bring a 4G cell tower installation to the San Domenico campus, to be installed in a position to serve Sleepy Hollow residents along with the campus itself. We are also attempting to bring other carriers into the conversation, though one carrier has to “go first” in these scenarios and Verizon is the actively engaged party. You can expect to see a mailing in the coming days asking for your support and whether you will attend a remote town hall presentation providing further information. The results of the mailing will be provided to the office of Supervisor Katie Rice. We are using physical mail, rather than an online poll, in an effort to ensure that the process is not obstructed through influence of nonresidents unaffected by this project. 

In the meantime, what can we do? Simply, let Supervisor Rice ( know that bringing reliable cellular coverage to the Hollow should be a priority, attend the aforementioned town hall, and, eventually, attend the public hearing (whether virtual or in person when appropriate) that will be required for the process to go forward. 

No mobile carrier will embark upon this process unless they are confident it will have community support and a champion at the government level. And we know, from experience, that unless we galvanize community support, the voices opposing expanded coverage will be the loudest in the room even though many of those speaking out have no direct interest in the matter. Indeed, the same ridgelines that currently keep wireless signals out of Sleepy Hollow will contain any wireless signals from a dedicated Sleepy Hollow cell tower.

Note that we also post updates on our Cell Service plan in the month bulletin, which can be found here.

On November 18th,  2020, a digital Town Hall was held to discuss the effort to bring mobile telecommunications to Sleepy Hollow. Speakers included Supervisor Katie Rice, David Wise of the San Domenico School, Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection Board member Rich Shortall, Dan Mahoney of the Ross Valley Fire Department, and SHHA board members David Baker and Pete Mayer. Topics include the RVFD's response to the fire on Dutch Valley Road, an overview of the SHHA's work on the cell phone issue, the process for approval of a telecommunications facility, and the current status of negotiations with a carrier. The program runs approximately 40 minutes followed by 20 minutes of Q & A.

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