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Lap swim

The popular lap swim program is now a permanent offering that can be added to your pool membership!

The Sleepy Hollow Swim Team contracts with the Homes Association to heat the pool for their use.  That’s why the heated pool is available for lap swim pre and post season.  To maximize heat retention in chilly months, it’s best to cluster usage times close together when the pool is uncovered.  The majority of lap swim happens midday which abuts swim team practice times.

To expand on the benefits of the lap swim pilot program, we now have many hours covered by a dedicated monitor.  There will still be the need for some volunteer monitoring, but most hours will now be supervised. When becoming a member of the Sleepy Hollow Homes Association and pool, or join as a Friend of Sleepy Hollow, add the lap swim offering to take advantage of pre and post season pool access.  As many as six lanes may be available during the shoulder seasons.  Two lap lanes will remain available during the all summer hours.

How it Works

Lap swim will occur from noon to 3:00 inclusive 7 days a week.  Monday-Thursday, there will be a dedicated monitor at the pool.  There is no need for volunteer monitors during these hours.  We are working to get coverage the other days of the week.  You will still have to sign up for a lap lane on Sign Up Genius (SUG).  If the time is covered by a monitor, that will be reflected in SUG.  If it is one of the unmonitored hours, you can sign up to swim, but there will need to be a volunteer monitor signed up for you to swim.  Lap swimmers agree to a cooperative arrangement to monitor one lap swim hour for each 4 hours they swim laps. This will work if enough people want to do this. If fewer people are interested, that ratio of swim to monitor would have to be lowered.

Lanes available during family swim will be guarded, no monitors necessary.

What are the duties of a monitor?

Monitors must stay out of the pool, with eyes on the pool, ready to assist if needed. When necessary, monitors assist swimmers to safety and call 911 if necessary.  

If the monitor is the first to arrive at the pool, they will have access to the pool through the new electronic entry system.  Once inside, monitors will open bathroom doors and remove the pool covers, with the help of a lap swimmer.  Sundays only they will replace the covers at the end of lap swim.

What Assistance Will Monitors Have?

The pool is equipped with a life ring and safety baton, a whistle, land line, a first aid kit stored in the Pool Guard Office and an AED.  New Monitors must attend an orientation to become acquainted with the use of these items and  learn the proper technique for removing and replacing the pool covers. 

What Must Lap Swimmers Do?

Sign a waiver acknowledging they swim at their own risk without a Certified Lifeguard on duty and agree to take turns monitoring the pool.

You may sign up to swim any available hour that a monitor has signed up.  No monitor, no swim.

When possible, try to sign up for times monitors and other swimmers have already signed up, so there is a third or fourth person on-site in the event of a problem.

All swimmers and monitors must register online link, even if the registration is at the last minute.

Is there an additional fee for lap swim?

There is an additional fee of $350, beyond family pool membership for the months March, April, May, September, and October in the 2024 season.  

What Else?

Tell us what you think, make suggestions. Keep in mind that this program is evolving.  We have been able to provide dedicated monitors for a majority of the lap swim schedule and will continue to add more.  Let’s continue to fill in the additional hours with volunteer monitors to have 7 days/week lap swim. Email

Swim with us! Join the pool and sign up for Monitor and Swim times.  Click HERE to Join/Renew today!
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